. _ RETURNS to an Addsors of the Honqurshle the Howse af Commens, dated Dpcemier 8, 1867; e fer '

elimreoe betweedl the Jérusalain Cotaclate aud! Che Poreigh _ Office, aod the Jerusalem Consulate and the Constantinople Embassy, from fe year 1850 to the year 1963, on tho affairs of the Abyssmnians at Jerusalem.”



t h subsequent Correspondence presented by Her Majesty's Coumund : 1665—1567.

No, Conn! Fion io Viscount Palmeraton.—(Received December 10.)

an a Joyuautem, November 3D, . ae HAVE the honour te rolat some wonthy age, # small party of Ab . Che a lite oe scatter ke pois gh nny Mie

brought Nests’ « Consul RAE P | er: ese va tome for protection from the insults of Mahomet

6 aie them for wearing whito turbaws; Chey protested that it im the qustom.«

ie country, ane that, being Reckcneet: they are mot amenghle to customs or tules Aficr some time, however, they adapted the durk-eoloured tarhaihl by (Christians here. They were frequently to be ween at the house of his

T Onttke 10th lest month they ca me to complain that the Armenian ecclesiastics endeavouring to take fram thes le church and convent; that his had ised them to agive the hoy by a stratogem from the Armenians, abe had | jth pomeomsion, anid and now the latter wished to beat thom to get if 1 iE had. then Jong comrermtin wii Wes Lenaibip, wie slated eo eave byssinians had been formerly a Sourihing body in intercommunion with the ar and Copis, having a large Ter at saleable dscessinta; bt, that. at. the eo the st , about veaine. years ago, they hud all er boks ad an Wheaties awtization of the Armenians, thas bornt all unde the pretext, of danger of infaction) asd that that ever since then ie Abys resorting hither reside in the last eg eg co oars Ani ga yA pear orks as poupers upon misérable food given them by the wealthy Armenian convent, the latter had for some years ke pontoon of the b mre inden the a ene attached he Abyssinian convent, only ssasboualis ee ad ade divine service, Fad iets keys he cliogete, Thet bis Lords advoed the the taller ta teanin ik

a stratagem, and to keep it. aa day the ie came to ioe ms and in the aflernvon « deputation or ae : he pase. poualn one a came to me on the sume wibject, deel ri ng thin the ray had been well kuewn. their property for 400 years past; that rr ee byswinians are like wild beasts, going hither and thither, not fit to he trusted with arty, bul sot bad stolon the ke, and, wer Soe aeal in it by the English Bishop, tee,

Mt length 1 proposed, ne 7 “Armenians commented Lo it, that the church should be gt open to both parties til the mew Patriarch sbiouid arrive (and he was. expocted abc when the case might Me v caparilally examined from documents, in porsence of

iy hop and myself. in a conference with his Lordalip, which [ lad after they had left mic, he accused - Eaepenbavaged cunming liars; for he knew the church and convent to have been property about iwenty years ago, and that an inycribed tablet exivts in the ft of the church of the Hely Sepulchre, from ancient time, declaring to the same effect. hadl bad a long interview with him before going over to me, and ‘eed (hat in cased of an arrangement being made, such as {had above suggested, the ' ~powtod every night ane ene ES as, for

te :

Consul Finn to Fierownt Palmerston —(Reerived Frérwary 3, 1851.) cruscless, December 9, 1850.

‘. f

Armenians, subsist in one ccclesinstical inter-

~ Your Lordship will perceive by the inclosed plan that the Coptic and Abyssum

Conrents are near teeter ae the Copts ites as aoeess to their Church bet eee Stn re

h is the preeent relation of affairs, though the Abyssinians lay claim not only to

ry besides property in the creat Armenian Convent in a distant pert of the

"At the time, however, of the Inet calamitous pestilence, the Ce march in and of the Armenians in Je









oa be —______ i.







. aut rare intervals ; bist all ‘thig: time: 1 werv laying their etievances before his Lordihip our Bikbop, and “Wien of thet Sladen as Songs reset, Cool unable be os decuments in supporto “those claims, except » certam stone inscription near

eis Leuiutip saved them to the pourse which ox Fey sont eprmote that of ey of their chara tntucdiately after Divine service, while the

Aiokiog in whother direction, * SE ee er a eee Sch iee Sos ieeoiec etre uu ne detailed in my lant during my exoursion to Sad st the end of October, his Lordship wrote upon a een sad an, Order arrived. in Jerusalem fom his Excellency.

: Pasha (ly whose means obtained I know bot), that the key whould be restered the same lioldora as before the troubles | Then arrived bis Grace the new Patriare the Armenians, and found several abuses fy. In thik case particularly he haw pdopted a rev from that of the Ml bishops. Ho has rebuked them in prevence wf OS uh theo of oer Jragomiai), and also of myself, profess Riese i, Gate t of both Hans, a reer = a father & Chiiroh from ran ea ee hie Oh ts

Ce eee who used expressions of olive-brunch, &e- Tt was at length tomers, theigt, he Oo are to hold it is abolished . shold nians may be made through the he British C hay Benbinpmigess ade irap rer

important concession + See Lite geen eC feat the Abyssinians, or chain an iron collar round their necks, with « screw to tighten the colle, as they have dont lees then two yours ago

And again, the Armenian Convent cun © miare dermand the Abyssinian Convent wid Charch for their own propetty. overlooking tho Copts, 2 they did Intely in a letter to hes

~The ruse arrangement mf ects with the dilly feeding of a certain sumber | niana by the Armenians Whether this ix a distributien of alma, or a commu- tution for es ved landed priporty, le he discussed probably hereafter.

“‘Lhave further to remark that those ios! converant with such politics believe Chal the Patriarch is afraid af ow Care Are fo diesrrersitcn, lost they should throw ‘Shemaclyes w "val oe ogi <2 ‘witch sight mt antence

ven t aly Scriptures, oe sites of ite protection bh alld "Alyasttiian Convent, whic ‘nok er stiolic the | chre Chureh, but covers the cobterraneun chapel whore # is believed Saint

orn Pea oars that the English influence iw acknowledged in these trans actions, in consequence of t he letter of King Res Ali to hin ancient intanee, our bia | and of fhe lotter cee Mr Plowdes to Pen bot more especial y becuse his | Londaip bee, rene assured myse velf und the Armenian authorities jes that ‘Ras Ali joned teMajety's Government £0 have the Abysunisne iene in Jerusalem plyced cl Britieh political protection arith lite sree tells me thut he iy endervourme to thtain the same by means of his Grace the Arebbistiop of Canterbury. Inclownre in No, 5,

ae Convents and Churches af

Plan of relate Position of Arnentan, ee


ne be einai emote 2

4 Incloanre 2 in No, 5, A Statement concerniny the Preeext State af Abysrinians at Jerusalem.

THE Abyssinians adit, and there are hints in ae eS Pa the effect, (hat in xmas times they had eomelderntle | in eral, of whi they ‘have hoon doprived, wo that now (hove pemaing only the ee Deir ovattan a which there ore at present about sixty pilgrim in their possesion; but that euch property, of which thoy have from time to tine been deprived, really belonged to they they cammot prove by any documentary evidenoe, unless such «videice enuld be fwnl in the Archives “if the local Governiiont, for nbout twelve or fourteen yours ago, when ail the Abywsiniane moe at Jerusjlem had died of plague, their tibrwry, containing many valuable monte

books, wwe entirely burnt by order of Horabitn Pawbea, with all bike dcakeiila SEE Sra hive served tha i tecorrthei stoner with these helter times. 1 have aeen the Library twenty-tive years seme such documents; and that allt books and document were aa ha Ree en cane aforesaid occasion is mat nolerious in Jerweulern. i eaees elon what was, | conceive | Jost on that site Se er Se Leaalaeae tht aan

hawt died of the pl the Abyssinian nea il, atte sa he

Mutigntion of the Arm 1 Patriarch, who ban dnce olaimed’ re brioing i

| * "Aller thse event Abyssinian pilgrinns pllgtinne aerived in suahh eastern thet in A Renae ste mee i ona hundred, many of wh

| Man ene occasion, in consequence of whieh f felt it my duty to | sahale ouapel’ opened to perform the ees service of one of their pamber. ‘The key of thoir eanvent having rembined, ringe

in the hunde of their o eran Cay they were locked up in their convent re rerion caui's ylessed their Copitc jllo 9 cerns. a eae ao Chet in cose t emoll (hanilins,

ofany severe attacks of (lites, which are they had “po means of going out to call for a physician.

Thingy were in enna ee about two yeurs ago, I reerived letter from the King of Atpesitte, fronn Peas All, tn li Cobveay, and sevorat influential oe fee

me under my gees at an) preticton whom | conmdered root fit for

him bead 0 te eon to we alowe, &e. ‘Te this 1 anewered ve > ene ht at non pr a nd “asd howpituhly received, but that 1 could do nothing for y, wiles J we satheoriend to do 66 by the Queen of Foghand, Da al (this bint chat Rar Ali and ujmateh Oobeay were requester! try the sats iawn ul private sitete and othues, to write to the we Queen, as they now have done, eee to mithorise me and (although the writer has forgotten it) the Consul’ of Jera- to take their eoantrymen ant their convent under our superintendence and


No, Chevalier Bunene to the Karl of Malmnehury.—( Recerwed July a.)

Rowitl Prussian Legation, Lonedon, y Lord, 5 ee aoe duly 5, 1G. the honour to molose & letter of bap) for a a ne edo by the twn Rue Ali Dejajmnatel on mune et Chieli who on of im te protect granted ty the Brith Government to those influential can, whore ust, werald ee sontially cmiribute to promote the authority of the bishopriv of

has sbreriiitely wer 110 + Noo

Jerusalem, in which Prosaia and Hogland lake an equally great interest, | take the liberty to recommund this question to your Lordahip's kind ooadaeaiion. ee ave,

(Signi) BUNSEN,

No, 7. + Karl of Muimesbury to Bithop Gobat.

My Lord, Foreign Offier, July 10, 1802, T HAVE bad the honour to reoelve your letter of the 29th of Junc* inclosing two | Ros Ali od Dejajmotch Oobray to the Queen in pursuance of a | g Mated to have boen held at Gondar between those Chiefs, rae of most influential eculediantion ier pia tho eine 1 viewed to authorize you to protect anc s#uperint pel visiting or residing in Jerusalom, aod to authorize the British agent restding d you his aesistance for that purpose when roquired. ly that Her Majesty's Government cannot undertake to byseinia who may chance to be residing in the territory ut Mujewty’s Consul of Jerusuiom will be instructed to use of need, a8 members of a Cliriation church in spititual | dchuroh in thin country,

d to f, the Heenwe from the Crown wader which you were consecrated, jo exercian spiritual jurixdiction ws woil in Abyssinian as in Syria; and DT think spiritual authority, you should confine your

Jerusalem exolunively to spiritual mutters,

I am, de, ; (Bayne) MALMESKBURY.

| nt dearable that, as Roney bywetiinns viniting

in bebulf of Ab


M. le Chevalier, I HAVE the honour ta acknowledye bat, communionti ‘ina t Chinfs of A in, and | have the honour to transmit to

whieh I have returned to Biche canes communication | fm, (Bignod) MALMESHUEY,

No. 0. The Earl of Maimestury to Coneud Finn,

r, 5 Foreign Offer, July 10, 18S.

1 TRANSMIT to you herewith copies of a letter, and of itn inclowures, which T have received from Bishop t, and of tho answer whieh I have returned to it,§ reapeoting the with which seems to have been expromed by the Rulers of Abyssinia, that the eae of that country visiting or fesiding ot Jerusalem may be taken under Britlh

In pursuance of what 1 have stated in my letter to the Bishop, | have to authorieo you, in case of need, to use your good offices for the protection of any Abysainians who may chance to be in Jorusalom, os being members of a Chriatiun Church in spiritual eom- munion with the Established Church in this country.

lam, &e. (Signed) MALMESBURY,

1 Me. 7, § Nes. & and 7.

had Abyernian servants always in ty houschold, and one of yin the train (nin ofthe Macer, im oer to retern with him te

sdscplined but high-pirited poople 5 proad of being independent | their own coun! j able to cope with and resis cet the latter, om

iy: ile wf! tm eonent than Aral peasantry. nas are in the habit of citing ancient oi 16 dette Met ae ent

which in Abyssinia ts

Consul Pine to the Bart of Maluesnery.—(Received July 5, i 27, 1859,

Kecoredobsh tithe Al a Colon pt by a report that the anal ube

bvaa abot be parohiaie rom the Cop a page ieee gett cues es having th dee rag creme. Some Ars

se a eae au boaick the bla

ee cas an aren et tie ores

the honour to ai an several occasions, is

all documents of that nature were barned

ah Late pretonce of their basbwuing the ue,

es. aseiiscned diene tied huiit into the wall of the Fists Beatsaee Church® as being said to «ubstantiote their claim to the ty; baton | racy Ree Ag y some | ears ago, it was f i be in te Georgian parece, a to a Georgian convent which wis formerly im: that

Tat moet eatainslios af the ae claim as in the fact of its recognition Re etree coe Seemeen tn mer ee Pe being urndinputed by any existing purty in Still, to obrinte porate danger in future, it may he expidient to obtiin some Joeument from the Porte is which thelr riglt should he acknowledgnd: and perhaps thin tilght be tad LY means of home pelition of the Rulers of A wsinin requesting Her paar sce offices with the Sublime Porte for that object, wueli, for tea, un a oyynegte that presented in Jone 1859-$ On eh TT Tokaald be rather inclined to Joare the question at reit, and to watch enrcfeily tales ‘place, iy tet inainmich aa every. year ale to ths aio tetimony and aetna) pirierseion. might be a danger alvo of the Porte, when Ste to neen tempting to fee the Ayana yon eto ofthe Baan

| es Are ctl fo ater the aero rem , at this period, by writing the

M Re ea art the Abyssinians dated November 30 and Tineke: 1090; and June ans. ™" “The documents which I have received from Her Majesty’s Government on the

subject are contained as inelosures in your Lordahip's dewpatch en 10, 1852.5 , ke. (ized JAMES VINN.

+ ‘ee Tuclannite: 1. ta Mo, he + New 1,3, wid 12. § Nad.

0 Na. 14, - Conant Finn to Burl Rwinelt,—(Rechived March 1.) rave cian ig inclosie scopy esas sea Vth tole Her Mls eek : yh eon eet behalf, by. mi “ot Sea of Turkey, and, in thiy country, un epote


Inolowure in No, une Consul Fina to Sir H, Bulwer. eeuave, Marsh 118 ot ok

a a May pg ie eri creer oe ee

h his th cecterapg ss re ae ane ve Co tat tt St vain ieee gf | Opin nquare before the Church af frees it Sanus President, and then placed a guard meets ee to co ee exit of eh anees tee ennai

on of. ; ad eee sf OT OS ca ! ein

4 tically ae

i ae Rypotelans wil will hare to suocumb to the Co

the the Arinenians, unlows they be fully recognised by 6 como to ask for stich a docummen

rule, Anal T think the time is now Beeulloniey to dmepateh ern eTih Ma LS the honour your Pxculleney to my eh of the Sith May, 1800," T have r inal to Her Mage ts Eemibany on the 7eh af simne of that

. 1 site {which n eee ergata “Tull information dt this wil] thé Abyetnlane. nimest efforta to avoid reeogniming tiem

i Facellency Sureya Pasha amploye } ed How-ray alin. .. ee : (Bighed) JAMES WINN.

ormal document, to pa ast \o

‘No. Th. Conenl Five ta Bayi Russell —{ Received May 19.)

saaibig Wak be moot ran to tale to your Ly t ne 5 honour : te ‘political Pineapple that the Sublime

te Unpress upon my nttention

iy Lord of HAVE. tie ize thie Abyasinitns as a jreaple independent of their dominion, «nd

came to me lately

Purte will nower reels i. Na. 10.




to wesure mo that ssslouk Pisewarbr.icther lcsorpbeite:Samotdl ‘on thate behalf: ned to po te oh of the Civil Governor of Jeddah,

fnforined mo that hu had beow direcled by his superiors to represent theo me in na donverentlon.

Lolwerved thut Jeddah may have no more to do with Abyssinia than Calais has to do with Kogland and that es far as ralgions, matters, in which the ae Churoh is tubordinats tothe Armenians i in this eouttry, ssl gc for than the smme mobatien

the Pope of Rome deed to the Austrian, ¥ Spree aD whe are ph hit of cach other nutionally,

[thon reminded his Bxgelleocy that three or four years ago the Abyssinians wore at War with the Piste tf Bevel and guicid some ble advantages over

Py Pasha contended thaw thia sores Be mwre thin doce the rebellious state of cortain outlying towne in the Deport, | wearer the Pashalio of Jerasalen. As the com sy meraiota iota hy

| Bet oe hos we oreetes oe oe ey. levee tae ty interest, In the uestion, exept that of wracating the cae of ® persoonted | | in usion, that T have heen in the habit of | g_aaes to Abyminians on their returning hence to theit own ountry, but uo other

I have, &o. (Signed) JAMES FINN,

Incloswe in No, 15, Conn! Minn to Sureya Pasko.

Escellency, Jerusalem, May 2, 186% 24 EN reply t your quewtion of ‘ylibatine, I’ Nate the: komous t6 matt ted chen have hitherto done on behalf of the Abyesiniany here here has been done by virtue of directions

received from my Gorernmont tin London ten y ryasipia written « letter to Her Majesty the Quten ‘of Gites Bradt rir Se ol I placed andor Britis protection while in Jorusalem.+

Yours, ke.

(Signed) JAMES FINN.

* No, # ? lochs 1 ia Nu. 6,


sep Ths peaks nid ttason of ne hak tonto of pages

in this city, wt the time ef the Egyptian domination.

Soc goes pont mo with complaints of the injustive of the decision of the Mage told chem that we eto hers on-rt a gl with all the evidence they could ri val vera t aba et Ravelry. te considerution, with such recommendation to your Excelleney’s favourable notice ropert This they hae not done dune, and it is understood that they are ear nl rene fee ane retura to their country, a course their


f |

i Ht

No. 21. Earl Russell to Consul Moore. Air, gn Ofer, September 27, 1865, ‘THE attention of Mer Aajotys Goverment ne eo n drwy to 0 statement that ono of the causes of the -treatment) how turisen out of your not having afforded to Abywsinians in. Servenioon Atal whieh was given to them

by your predoceu wp Ge having mescrted that | iy hallag yon Gud cle hee

and ne See eriers luting yom fom rendering smistance Malmesbury, to Har Jorivalem, to use, in case of need, his good affices the pectin of yA who might chance to be in Jorwalom, an being members of o Christian Ch in spiritual commiumion with the Established Seeaien Chick eadaca eet venentad We eee akaraion tent ene ten

Tam, ko (Signed) RUSSELL.

No, 92. Kari Russell to Cenawl-Genrrat Bldridge.

fe eens 27, oe I v HL thassae ta you a despatch which T have verte

ft ie os fated to ng an alligation which has heoome » matter af ae eae tate has to afford to Abyswininns in the Holy City the good offices ordered by Be aie * Government to be given to them,

ls somurrhat conflrmedt by the tenor of a report which I find that

Mr, Moore sade. to to Sir 1. Bulwer on dhe 26th September, 2 1a acopy of which I inolose,? and by Te eee will eee that, insiond of carrying Gut the instructions of Her Majesty's fs Government be affored no remonstmace to objections raised by the Turkiih Governor to his nor to the asmertion of the Pasha that Abvesinians wer Toskish anbjecie. Me shee Mr. aie predecessi¢ had reniened yood offlces to Alyssinians as members of o Christian Church in spiritual setiigainn with the Church of ace andl Mr, Moore whould equally have memonsirated agninet the language of the Pasha ond the nete of the Turkish sutterithos ; 3 but ifs British Ac t woblonits, withent

at the right time, to whntever may be wid to him by a foreign authority and

raves (he instrnections off Tix ee to Te dealt with in a diferent wplrit

ta that in whith they were framed, such Agunt hocomes practically of Hite axe.

* Ma 9. + Me, 12 S See Tnclosure jn Na, i,

15 No. 23. Conme! Moare (o Ear! Russell —{Receiwed Noresber 6.)

ere Pasha, the ther Governor of Jerusalem, ix the present Finance N. T. M

No. 24. Consul-General Etdridge ts the Earl of Clarendon.—(Reevived February 7.)t

(Extract.) Begrout, Janwary 20, 1866. WITH reference to Har! Russi’ deepateh of the 27th of Sept. lnwt,§ I hove the honour to inform your Loniship that, duri my recent visit to Jerumlem, I devoted mach of my time to a careful investigation into Mr. Consul Mode’ pov j to understand the whole question, I examined with much diligence the

Mr. Consul Finn on this subject from the year 1850 to the year 1862.

‘Appears that Mr. Finn repeatedly represented, both to

ipatiaetey’ ter an iareelon 6s Ule Rh Wik euedban’ ead oradane, Tier : reacseie Mag appealed to by Mr. Finn, in June 1 declines to i in

be dis Fomsien UsAre: 1 lieve fhe benour ti fasion a cocy,, © Me 91. Inclomine in No. 90. { Ladd believe Pactisament, peer. § No, 22. Nets © No. #. ee

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